Daddy – Open Rehearsal

On Thursday, June 13, 2024 at 3:00pm, The Drama League will host an Open Rehearsal of Daddy, delving into the joys and complexities of transmasculine pregnancy. The rehearsal will be immediately followed by a roundtable discussion led by writer-director Lyam B. Gabel, recipient of The…

The Archivists

Join The Drama League and The American LGBTQ+ Museum to celebrate Pride Month with first glimpses of two exciting new LGBTQIA+ plays written by the recipients of the Beatrice Terry Residency and Next Stage Residencies. The Drama League will present a staged reading of The…

Sunset Blvd.

NICOLE SCHERZINGER stars as the immortal Norma Desmond in ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER’s legendary SUNSET BLVD., reimagined by visionary director JAMIE LLOYD. The New York Times declares, “This bravura new revival belongs to the here and now. Nicole Scherzinger gives a career-defining performance.” And The Washington Post hails, “This killer production is theater at its devilish best. It slays you.”

The Who’s TOMMY

In 1969, The Who created a rock opera that changed the course of music history. Some 25 years later, The Who’s TOMMY arrived on Broadway, winning 5 Tony Awards and pushing the boundaries of what musical theatre can be. This March, the Amazing Journey resumes in a dazzling new production direct from a record-breaking, groundbreaking Chicago premiere.

The Outsiders (Sold Out)

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1967, Ponyboy Curtis, his best friend Johnny Cade and their Greaser family of “outsiders” battle with their affluent rivals, the Socs. This thrilling new Broadway musical navigates the complexities of self-discovery as the Greasers dream about who they want to become in a world that may never accept them. With a dynamic original score, The Outsiders is a story of friendship, family, belonging… and the realization that there is still “lots of good in the world.”