The Drama League Directors Project


The Drama League Fellowships are career-transforming opportunities for stage directors focusing on creative development, skill building, and network expansion


The Drama League Residencies incubate director-led projects for live performances and filmed projects across the United States.


The Irene Gandy Directing Assistantships create intergenerational learning between directors working on major productions in large theaters across the United States.


The Drama League Exchanges bring together directors from around the world for training, research, collaboration, production opportunity, and cultural understanding.


The Drama League offers opportunities and resources to Directors Project Alumni and to artists across the creative landscape.


The Drama League boasts the largest community of directors in the world, offering a home for storytellers working with live performance in theater, film, television, streaming and more.


The Drama League publishes acclaimed free industry newsletters, including “Directors In Action,” “Reading Roundup,” and “The Call Sheet.”


The Drama League Awards, the oldest theatrical honors in North America, recognize excellence in production, acting, and directing.

The Drama League is America’s only full-time, year-round career and creative development home for directors — the artists who stand at the center of performance collaborations in theater, film, television, VR, and dozens of related creative industries. Directors are architects of storytelling, fulfilling two essential human needs — to understand our world more deeply, and imagine new possibilities. Through their work with collaborators, directors enable us to explore the potential in human relationships, shared experiences, and collective understanding.  Despite the critical role directors play in our society’s well-being, however their work is often invisible to audiences, and their profession is deeply under-supported and misunderstood even inside the field.


To address this, The Drama League offers a broad portfolio of acclaimed opportunities for directors at all stages of their careers, in order to accelerate their development and support the most impactful creative work possible.


The Drama League recognizes that support of artists requires an unequivocal commitment to access, equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging as components of a healthy and productive arts sector; to removing barriers to participation and career opportunity; and providing services for artists of all economic classes, races, abilities, genders and identities, especially those that have historically been marginalized or underrepresented in society.  These programs, like The Drama League itself, are committed to these principles.

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