Member F.A.Q.s

Have a question about Membership? Check out our F.A.Q.s below! If you do not see an answer to your question, feel free to contact us at 212-244-9494 ext. 101 or at and we will be happy to assist you.

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General Questions

You can contact Membership services at 212-244-9494 ext. 101 or at, Monday-Friday between 10am-6pm ET, excluding holidays and office closures. Please allow 1-2 business days for a response. There may be times when Membership services are not available outside of holidays and office closures, in which case you will be notified in advance.


UPDATE: Starting on Friday, May 24, The Drama League office is closed every Friday during the summer through Labor Day. However, if you have an ongoing house seat order, it will still be taken care of during this time.

Yes. Your Membership is 90% tax-deductible under federal U.S. guidelines. When you sign up or renew your Membership, you will receive an acknowledgment letter that will include The Drama League’s tax information and the amount of your eligible tax deduction.

We recommend choosing a Monthly Membership as they are more cost effective! You will receive the same benefits per level regardless of your payment plan. As Monthly Memberships are put on auto-renewal, a credit card is required upon signing up or renewing.

To view your Membership level, visit The Drama League’s Membership Portal. Your Membership benefits can also be viewed in the Portal or on the Membership homepage.

The Membership Portal is your homebase for Drama League Membership where you can find your Membership information, edit your Membership settings, and access Member-exclusive tickets and discounts. You will need to create an account login and password. If you have trouble logging in, please reach out to us.

Donor Covered Fees are processing fees incurred by paying via a credit card or ACH on our platform. See below for exact fee rates*. When paying for your Membership, you will see the option to cover these fees, which are a 100% tax-deductible donation. And by covering these fees, you are helping The Drama League put more resources toward our programs and artists!


  • Visa: 3.19% + $0.30 per transaction
  • Mastercard/Discover: 3.29% + $0.30 per transaction
  • Amex: 4.19% + $0.30 per transaction
  • ACH: 1% + $1.25


*Due to rounding discrepancies, total fee amounts may appear differently on our website.


Insider Communications

Included in Levels: Insider, Voter, Patron, and Director’s Circle

Every week, you will receive The Drama League’s Member-exclusive newsletter, Directors Notes, where we share Drama League-curated news and recommendations, ticket and discount offers, special event invitations, and more. This is one of the best ways to stay up to date with us, our alumni, and our Member community.

Member Nights

Included in Levels: Insider, Voter, Patron, and Director’s Circle

Member Nights are a fantastic way for you to see some of the best theater of the season with fellow Drama League Members and theater lovers. Shows are carefully selected based on feedback and reviews and then group tickets are organized for a designated performance. We do all the planning so you do not have to–just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Six to ten shows are selected per season (June-May), and based on demand, there may be multiple Member Nights per show.

We love to hear what shows our Members are interested in seeing. Email us about the shows you are excited for this season. Or if you are at the Voter level or higher, you have access to our Member Help Line and House Seat orders, and we can help you purchase tickets online.

Typically, a Drama League staff member will meet you outside the theater with your tickets, starting 30 minutes before curtain. We will reach out closer to the performance to confirm your tickets and pick up details.

With group tickets, exact seat numbers cannot be disclosed beforehand, only general seating sections. However, if you or your guest have accessibility needs, please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate them.

 Yes. There is a $10 service fee + 5% platform processing fee automatically added to each ticket. Prices listed on our website are final. These fees help ensure that The Drama League can put more resources toward our programs and artists!

Member Night tickets are only refundable at least 60 days prior to the performance. Drama League service fees are not refundable.

Awards Voting Privileges

Included in Levels: Voter, Patron, and Director’s Circle

As a Member at the Voter level or above, you have the unique opportunity to help The Drama League determine the winners at the Annual Drama League Awards in May, where we honor and celebrate the outstanding productions and artists from the most recent Broadway and Off-Broadway seasons.

Check out the winners of the 2024 Awards here!

First presented in 1922 and formalized in 1935, the Drama League Awards are the oldest theatrical honors in America. They are the only major theatrical awards chosen by the ENTIRE theater community – specifically, by the Drama League Members nationwide who attend Broadway and Off-Broadway productions. League Members include award-winning actors, designers, directors, playwrights, producers, industry veterans, critics, and dedicated audiences from across the nation. To learn more about past winners, honorees, and our upcoming Awards, visit


Check out the winners of the 2024 Awards here!

The deadline to become a Voter Member is April 15 each year. Sign up now to vote for the 91st Annual Drama League Awards in 2025!

The official ballot is emailed to voters once the voting period begins. Make sure to provide a valid email address when signing up or renewing your Membership. The Drama League does not conduct Awards voting via physical mail or over the phone.

Voting will open after the official Nominations Announcement in April and will close several days before the Awards Ceremony Luncheon in May.

We understand that there are so many shows within a season and you may not be able to see everything, so use your best judgment and discretion when completing the official ballot.

Winners are announced at the Annual Drama League Awards in May. Join us in person and be among the first to know! The Awards Ceremony Luncheon is not live-streamed or televised.


Check out the winners of the 2024 Awards here!

Rules and regulations are reviewed each year prior to the voting period and are shared directly with voters when the official ballot is emailed.

Awards Nominations Announcement Invitation

Included in Levels: Voter, Patron, and Director’s Circle

Each year in April, The Drama League announces the Awards Nominees at an intimate, invite-only event. Check out the recently announced 2024 Awards Nominees here!

If you cannot attend in person, the announcement is live-streamed and recorded for viewing afterwards. Click here to watch the live announcement of the 2024 Nominees, read by Vanessa Williams and Bebe Neuwirth!

Discounts to the Awards and Gala

Included in Levels: Voter, Patron, and Director’s Circle

The discounts are for individual tickets to the Awards and Gala. The discounted ticket prices will be listed on the event registration page.

Member Help Line

Included in Levels: Voter, Patron, and Director’s Circle

Looking for recommendations on what shows to see, what seats to choose, or want help with purchasing tickets to a show? Then the Member Help Line is for you! Reach out to us and a trusted Membership staff member will help you plan your trip to the theater.

If you purchase tickets through The Drama League (i.e. a concierge order), then there is a $20 service fee per concierge order for Voter Members and a $10 service fee per concierge order for Patron Members. There are no service fees for Director’s Circle Members.

There is no limit to the number of concierge orders you can place. One order includes tickets purchased at the same time for the same performance. If you are interested in multiple shows at the same time, then these count as different orders.

Concierge tickets are refundable or exchangeable at the discretion of the theater box office. Drama League service fees are not refundable.

House Seat Orders

Included in Levels: Voter, Patron, and Director’s Circle

 House seats are premium theater tickets not on sale to the general public.

Several reasons! Firstly, house seats give you exclusive access to premium seat locations, mainly in the orchestra and very occasionally in the mezzanine. Secondly, house seat prices are typically less than the show’s premium market rate and there are either no or smaller online fees. Thirdly, if a performance you are interested in is sold out or has limited availability online, then you may still be able to get house seats for that performance.

Ticket prices vary depending on the show and are subject to change during a run as well. Reach out to us to inquire about specific shows.

The Drama League can place house seat requests for Broadway and select Off-Broadway shows. Reach out to us to inquire about specific shows.

No. House seats are not guaranteed for every performance or show as they are on a first come, first served basis, and sometimes certain performances are not available for house seat requests. If a house seat request is denied, then it does not count toward your total number of house seat orders as part of your Membership and you are not charged any fees.

Typically, you can request one to four tickets per order. The ticket limit is determined by each box office, and if you request four or more, your group may be split up. Reach out to us to inquire about specific shows.


The Drama League distinguishes between a house seat request and a house seat order. A request is what The Drama League submits on your behalf to the box office and then we wait for a confirmation. An order is when your tickets are confirmed by the box office and your credit card is charged. Per Membership year, Voter Members get one (1) house seat order, Patron Members get four (4) or eight (8) house seat orders, and Director’s Circle Members get unlimited house seat orders.

Yes. There is a $30 service fee per house seat order. However, Patron Members get the fee waived for their first house seat order of the year, and there are no service fees for Director’s Circle Members.

The first step is to reach out to us with your will call name, the show title, your preferred performance date(s) and time(s), and the number of tickets you want. House seats become available either on the first of the previous month or 30 days prior to a performance, and then they are released 96-98 hours prior to a performance, meaning we cannot request them anymore. Therefore, the earlier you know what show(s) and performance date(s) and time(s) you want, the better! Once the house seat request is submitted, it usually takes 1-5 business days to hear back from the box office about ticket confirmation. Your credit card will only be charged once the tickets are confirmed. If your request is denied, that usually means house seats are not available for that particular performance and we can try submitting a request for a different performance.

House seat tickets are refundable or exchangeable at the discretion of the theater box office. Drama League service fees are not refundable.

Priority Ticket Service

Included in Levels: Patron and Director’s Circle

 Priority Ticket Service applies to concierge and house seat tickets for Patron and Director’s Circle Members. Since we are offering our ticket services to include more Members at the Voter level, we expect an increase in demand, so we want to implement a system to better handle more requests and orders in a timely manner. Please expect a response time of 1-2 business days for Patron and Director’s Circle Members and 2-3 business days for Voter Members.