Pathway Chats

A Service of The Drama League Directors Project

Open Mid-September 2024

Pathway Chats help directors strategize, connect, and overcome challenges in an increasingly complicated cultural landscape.

Like everyone, directors encounter specific questions and choices as they travel the path of their career. These moments require deep thought, new information, and outside perspectives. To assist them, The Drama League offers Pathway Chats — one-on-one conversations with the Artistic Team of The Drama League, whose combined 50+ years of experience assists in overcoming the difficult moments in creative and work practices. These sessions are customized to each artist’s needs, and can explore career planning, production experiences, creative blocks, knowledge gaps, industry networking, and more. There are over almost two dozen 30-minute sessions available each month, both in person and virtually, on a first-come, first-served basis. Pathway Chats are offered exclusively to Alumni of The Drama League Directors Project, and/or current members of The Drama League, free of charge. To become a Drama League Member, click here. To request a Pathway Chat, please click below. Questions can be emailed to