HowWeWorkNow: Beyond Our Shores: Theater in Bulgaria

The Drama League’s commitment to directors spans across the globe, and in this week’s episode, we’re taking listeners to Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city, to connect with two of the region’s most revered theater practitioners. Kalina Wagenstein is the director of Art Office Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and circulate the performing arts and artists of Bulgaria at home and abroad. Additionally, she has led the Sofia brand of the Swiss Culture program, supported 400+ projects in culture and arts, and has held positions at the Bulgarian News Agency, The National Film Center, and the National Film Archive. Joining her is Dr. Petar Kaukov, Ph.D., the Associate Professor at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, and the former Deputy Director and CEO of Youth Theatre “Nikolay Binev,” one of the largest theaters in all of Bulgaria. A noted director across Europe, he has worked on many international exchange projects including the Icarus award-winning Bulgarian premiere of Avenue Q. In conversation with The Drama League’s Gabriel Stelian-Shanks and Nilan, the artists dissect the structural differences in the American and Bulgarian arts scene while forecasting the future of international exchange in theater.The Drama League gratefully recognizes The Trust for Mutual Understanding for making this conversation possible with their generous support for the International Stage Directors Exchange. For more information about TMU:

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