In Conversation with Classical Directing Fellow 2020: Emma Rosa Went

Since its founding in 1984, The Directors Project has been the core of The Drama League’s activity and mission as a developmental program for early and mid-career directors, providing talented emerging directors with transformative experiences and opportunities in the professional theatre through various fellowships and residencies. In a typical year, these year-long fellowships and residencies would result in DirectorFest, a multi-week theater festival highlighting the work of select fellows in January, but in a season unlike any other, the program and festival have been reworked to meet artists and audiences in this moment.

For the premiere of this year’s reimagined DirectorFest, The Directors Project Classical Fellow Emma Rosa Went directs a benefit reading of Gallathea, written by John Lyly, presented in collaboration with Red Bull Theater. In this week’s episode, The Drama League’s Artistic Director Gabriel Stelian-Shanks joins Went to dive into the queer love story set inside of a classical myth now joyfully reclaimed for 2021, while also exploring what it means to create classical theater in a time where the present is so urgent. 

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