Drama League Awards: Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for nomination consideration, a production must: 

  1. Be presented for professional, public theatrical performance within the environs of New York City by a producing or presenting organization which has legally acquired the rights to present said production and is in accordance with all legal and union regulations for said production;
  2. Provide and schedule a minimum of six (6) tickets, and preferably six (6) pairs, to accommodate evaluation by Drama League Nominators during the production’s performances; 
  3. Present no less than four weeks of performances (including previews) in a venue holding at least 140 seats, beginning its run during the eligibility period.  
  4. Companies that fall outside of the above eligibility criteria may petition the Eligibility Committee to be included, by filling out this form. The Eligibility Committee will only respond to petitions that are offered exceptions; please do not make multiple requests for the same production.
  5. Productions that are composed of more than 50% BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and/or disabled artists, both onstage and off, that may not meet the above criteria are especially encouraged to petition the Eligibility Committee.  The Drama League Awards are committed to inclusive and equitable opportunities, especially for marginalized populations in our field.
  6. The Drama League will not consider collegiate, cabaret, or workshop productions, and will exclude presentations in related performing arts genres (opera, dance, etc.), unless deemed appropriate by the Eligibility Committee. 

For the Distinguished Performance Award, only actors who perform during the opening night performance will  be eligible for consideration. The Distinguished Performance Award can be won only once in a performer’s lifetime; while previous recipients may be honored for their work during a given season, they  will be ineligible to win a second time. 

In rare cases, the Eligibility Committee may, at their discretion, exempt a venue or company from the theatre size or performance requirements, allowing it to be eligible for consideration.