Calling all Show People:
We want to hear your
"Anthem for the Future of Theatre"

The composers of the top 5 Anthems will each receive $250, and the winning songs will be performed live
by Broadway stars at Light the Lights! A Drama League Celebration on October 18, 2021 in NYC.

You know them from the moment the intro begins…
“Another Openin’, Another Show” 
“The Lullaby of Broadway” 
“There’s No Business Like Show Business” 
“Comedy Tonight” 
“Broadway, Here I Come” 
These iconic songs celebrated the talent, glamor, and grit of the theater community, beloved by millions around the world.  

Now it’s 2021, and it’s your turn! Celebrate the return and the future of musical theatre in an original song, and join the legendary list of musicians who’ve told the world EXACTLY how we feel about it!  Whether with humor, drama, romance, or snark;  whether an “I Want,” Confrontation, or 11 o’clock Number to bring down the house;  any style of Anthem is fair game. Submit your musical vision for the future of theatre, and show the world that you’re the greatest star, you are by far! 

On October 18, 2021, The Drama League will host Light the Lights!, an evening celebrating the return of in-person theater and a more innovative and inclusive future.  In addition to honoring actor, singer, dancer, and songwriter Wayne Brady, the event will feature performances of new songs that embody these themes.


STEP 1: Compose your original Anthem.
STEP 2: Post a video on TikTok by 9/22, showcasing your Anthem’s best 60 seconds.
STEP 3: Tag @DramaLeague and include Music/Lyric credits and the hashtag #LightTheLights in the caption.


  • Examples of thematic ideas for your Anthem include:
    ~ The reemergence of live theatre after the pandemic;
    ~ What you hope the future of Broadway looks/sounds/feels/is like;
    ~ A celebration of the next generation of artists & creators;
    ~ The evolution of the musical form;
    ~ How our industry’s past may inform the future;
    ~ and/or any other way in which the “Anthem for the Future of Theatre” speaks to you!
  • Compositions must contain original music & lyrics (created by you), can be in any musical style, and should be written for a single/solo live performer accompanied by piano/keys and 1-2 other instruments.
  • Full compositions should be 4-minutes or less, but just post your best 1-minute clip to enter the competition.
    NOTE: If selected as a Finalist, you’ll only have 24 hours to directly/privately send the entire song for consideration… Be ready! 
  • The 5 winning composers will be invited to attend the Light the Lights! Celebration on October 18th in NYC  (travel/housing not provided).
  • At the event – live from the stage or with a pre-recorded video – composers will share the story behind their Anthem and introduce the performer.
  • Winners must be able to provide The Drama League with sheet music (piano/vocal arrangement) and a digital recording of the complete song upon request.


  • Deadline to submit is September 22 @ 11:59pm EST
  • Don’t have TikTok? You can send an unlisted YouTube link to
  • The challenge is open to creators aged 18+ located anywhere in the world. 
  • Limit one entry per person or creative team.
     ~ If a winning Anthem is created by more than one artist, all contributors will be named as winners and the prize money will be split equally among the team.
  • By entering this contest, you are giving The Drama League permission to share the content of your submission, in full or in part, whether pre-recorded or performed live, on any of our social media channels, websites, e-blasts, or other digital platforms, in perpetuity and without additional compensation/royalties.
  • Creators retain full ownership of their work and will be properly credited everywhere it appears.
  • A Letter of Agreement detailing usage rights, permissions, creator ownership, and payment processing will be sent to the Winners, and must be signed prior to any public announcement.
  • Winners will receive two hundred fifty US dollars ($250.00), disbursed by check, electronic payment, or international wire transfer.
  • Local winners, or those providing their own travel/housing, are invited to attend the event on October 18th in New York City.  Additional guests are subject to approval and may be required to purchase tickets.  
  • All attendees of the event must provide proof of full COVID vaccination in accordance with the City of New York guidelines.
  • All entries must abide by TikTok Community Guidelines.  This challenge is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with TikTok.


Questions? DM @DramaLeague on TikTok or email