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The Cotillion, which premiered in 2023 at The Movement Theatre Company and New Georges in New York City, was developed by writer-director Colette Robert as part of The Drama League Beatrice Terry Residency. Photo: Loreto Jamling
The Drama League Directing Residencies are designed to support the interrogative process of a director creating work that includes live performance. The residencies offer financial support for a multi-stage developmental process, rehearsal and administrative space, dramaturgical/mentor support from the artistic staff of the partner companies, and the opportunity to share the findings of the process publicly.

The Beatrice Terry Residency, a partnership with New York Stage And Film, is designed for early and mid-career stage directors who identify as writer-directors…that is, artists that most often write the productions that they direct. The Terry Residency is specifically open to women and nonbinary people; the Residency seeks to make space and resources for these communities, who often encounter sexism, gender bias, misogyny, and other barriers as creators when they choose to both write and direct simultaneously. This residency is named for Drama League alumnus Beatrice Terry, who pioneered her own approach to theatrical creation during her lifetime, as a writer and director of her own work in a male-dominated field.

The Residency will include three phases: pre-workshop planning with Drama League staff; a writing residency for five (5) days at New York Stage And Film’s Summer Season in Poughkeepsie, NY; and a 29-hour workshop, produced by New York Stage And Film and rehearsed at the Drama League Studio Lab in New York City, as part of their winter programming in New York City. The Drama League are not, and will not be, the producers of the project itself, nor producers of any public or private event in conjunction with this residency; the recipient is responsible for all production, contracting/hiring, or other needs in this regard.

Applications are especially welcome from directors who identify as members of populations that have historically been denied equity, access, inclusion or belonging in the field and in society, who have been marginalized, underrepresented, and/or those whose paths to direction may have been nonlinear or nontraditional. This includes, but is not limited to, Black, Indigenous, Latine (Latino/Latina), AAPI (Asian-American/Pacific Islander), MENASA (Middle Eastern/North African/South Asian), Biracial, Mixed-Race, Global Majority, LGBTQIAA2+, non-binary directors, disabled, and/or immigrant directors or directors not born in the United States. Please see our F.A.Q. page for eligibility questions.
Nicole Spiezio and Tommy Heleringer in the 2016 Beatrice Terry Residency Project, Morgan Gould's I Wanna Fucking Tear You Apart, which had its world premiere at the Studio Theatre in Washington, DC. Photo by Teddy Wolff

Residency Outline


Offered every year


One recipient each cycle


Recipient receives $5,000 to cover expenses related to the Residency. Collaborating artists receive per diems as detailed in the timeline below.

Program Timeline

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Additional Benefits

  • Access To Drama League Alumni Programming and Events
  • Lifetime Drama League Artistic Membership
  • VIP Pass to all publicly offered Drama League programming during Fellowship

You may find your answer on our F.A.Q. page for artists, 
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The Drama League Fellowships are career-transforming opportunities for stage directors focusing on creative learning, skill building, and career development.


The Drama League Residencies develop and incubate director-led projects for live performances, utilizing the resources of the Drama League in New York City.
2017 Beatrice Terry Resident Shakina Nayfack's play, Chonburi International Hotel & Butterfly Club, premiered at Williamstown Theatre Festival and was subsequently produced by Audible.

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