Artist F.A.Q.s

General Questions

The Drama League offers Fellowships, Residencies, Assistantships, and other Opportunities to engage, learn, and join the community.  You can find each set of programs, with the resources each program offers, in links from our homepage.
A lot!  The Drama League recently altered and expanded its programming, and each has its own application and area of focus.  We strongly encourage you to read about each of them in depth.
The two-year programs aren’t for everyone, we understand; they are for directors who are interested in a deep, extended commitment…which means, of course, that other opportunities may not be possible during the time period. Please make sure that you are fully committed to participating in the entire program as your personal priority BEFORE applying. Applicants must be available for all program components during the program period without exception. Conflicts with the program components will result in the cancelation of those components, without being rescheduled, and a resulting reduction in the program and its effectiveness.
The Drama League supports your directing career… congratulations on the gig! Conflicts with program components, however, will result in the cancelation of those components and a reduction in the program, without being rescheduled. Therefore, we encourage you to prioritize this program should you decide to apply. We promise, it will be worth it… and it offers a number of directing opportunities as well!
Yes… but not all directors are suited for all programs. Drama League programs are specifically designed for directors facing certain moments in their career paths, and others are intended for directors that have faced inequity in their fields. Some programs are two years in duration, others just a few weeks. The Stage Directing Fellowship and The FutureNow Directing Fellowships, for instance, were designed for early-career directors, while the Film and Television Directing Fellowships are intended for directors in the middle of their careers. More information can be found on each individual program’s pages.

In very loose, general terms, we think of an Early-Career Director as someone who has:

  • Worked as a director in a professional or semi-professional capacity for roughly 1-6 years;
  • Not directed on Broadway, Off-Broadway, or a LORT A+, A, B+, B, C, or D theatre
  • Completed fewer than five directing assistantships

A Mid-Career Director, then, might be someone who has:

  • Worked as a director in a professional or semi-professional capacity for roughly 5-12 years;
  • Not directed on Broadway, Off-Broadway, or a LORT A+ theatre
  • Completed fewer than seven directing assistantships

And an Established Director would be anyone who has done more than that. 🙂 We understand these guidelines, even as general as they are, are not incredibly effective when elucidating the needs of artists. Just because you’ve worked consistently for ten years does not mean, for instance, that opportunity has come your way; similarly, directors who have only been working a few years may have moved quickly to big opportunities, and not need the same things their peers need. In truth, every individual comes to directing on their own individual path; to speak with Drama League staff about your specific experience and its appropriateness for any specific opportunity, please email with your questions.

Of course!  It is hoped, however, that they will note this in their application narratives, and address the reasons they feel they are the ideal candidate for the opportunity.
There’s no such thing as a perfect fit.  Perfection is a myth!  If you feel a program is generally of use to you, we look forward to reading your application.

Applications - General Questions

Yes.  Applicants must have directed at least three non-collegiate stage productions, and cannot be enrolled in any university undergraduate or graduate degree program during the program’s period of support.

No.  We understand that directors come to their profession from a variety of paths and experiences.
All of our applications require your legal name, address, telephone number, and email address.  In addition, you’ll be asked to provide your pronouns, a headshot or professional photo of yourself, your professional website, a URL link to samples of your directing work (either photos or videos), and two professional references.  You will also have to submit a number of short essays answering various questions related to your directing.
No.  Our application software, Submittable, allows you to begin your application and save your work to return to at a later time.  The Drama League will not be able to view your application until you confirm that it is complete in their system.
Yes.  To apply to any program, the fee is $20 per application.  However, if you are facing financial hardship of any kind, you may request an application fee waiver by emailing  We want to support directors who want to be a part of this community, and the application fee should not be a barrier.
We generally review applications in the first four months of each year.  Notifications for Fellowships and Assistantships are usually (but not always) in April; Residencies follow soon after.  All programs begin in late May.
To be fair to all applicants, there will not be a deadline extension.  We suggest finishing your application and submitting it at least 24 hours before the deadline.

Drama League Stage Directing Fellowship

The scholarship prize for this opportunity is $100,000 over two years.  For twenty-two months, it is disbursed in equal installments.  For the final two months, payments will be scheduled in conversation with you, so that it can cover expenses for your final directing opportunity once it is scheduled.
Many!  In addition to network expansion and learning opportunities, there will be two staged readings (one each at The Drama League and Red Bull Theater), two assisting experiences (at Dallas Theater Center and New York Stage and Film), a residency at a major theater company that will include internal or external directing opportunities (Manhattan Theatre Club or McCarter Theatre Center) and a festival production (DirectorFest).

Film & TV Directing Fellowship

Yes.  This Fellowship is a bridge for theater directors to make their first foray into these related, but different, fields.
No.  However, we do expect there to be interest and curiosity beyond a passing interest.

FutureNow Stage Directing Fellowship

The scholarship prize for this opportunity is $10,000 over the first period, from May to August, paid in equal disbursements.  TheaterWorksUSA will also hire you on a contract, under their Collectively Bargained Agreement (CBA) with SDC, to direct a remount production for tour in either fall or winter following your Hangar Theatre assignment.  The amount of that will be determined at a later date.


We are here to help.  Feel free to reach us at
Due to volume, it may take us up to three (3) business days to answer, but we will!