New Visions / New Voices

Stream the 2021 NV/NV showcase!

See 11 short films written and directed by  young artists (Frances Brewster, Kimi David, Leonel Enriquez, Tianna Skye Gonzales, Ashley Iparraguirre, Sari Klainberg, Kayla Stephanie Manzano, Ferrah Reid, Lily Quizpilema, Charlene Tashnizi, and Jayme Threats) and performed by professional actors!

About the program

New Visions/New Voices (NV/NV) is a rigorous after-school theatre training program for high school students in the New York City metropolitan area. It is the only after-school program in the United States to exclusively focus on the techniques of stage direction as a lens into exploration — empowering students with creative skill-building, personal agency, and leadership techniques to discover, trust, speak, and amplify their personal voice and visions of the world around them. Students have the opportunity to work with professional actors and directors throughout the course, to help them manifest their creative growth. The learning in NV/NV can spark future career interest in theatre, other creative industries, or non-artistic professions — law, medicine, marketing, politics, science, and more — where the tools learned are directly applicable and essential.

New Visions/New Voices is offered at no cost to the student.

Photos by Catalin Stelian

Expand your ability to... Comprehend. Question. Articulate.

New Visions/New Voices gives students the power and ability to critically analyze, and respond to, multiple perspectives. Through understanding the power inherent in one’s own perspective, one can influence and meaningfully impact a community and the world at large.


Throughout the course, students will be in conversation with directors, actors, and other arts professionals from Broadway, Off-Broadway, film, and television to deepen their critical thinking and express their inner visions. Students, under the guidance of a Master Directing Teacher, learn techniques and exercises to write and direct scenes and monologues with working professional artists. This immersion into “how one makes art” broadens and refines their own aesthetics, while “pulling back the curtain” on the realities of a career in the cultural sector.

During the final weeks of the program, students will be writing their own monologues and scenes to direct. All students will have the chance to see their work realized in a work-in-progress showing.


  • Meet, Speak and Work with professional directors and directors
  • Visit art galleries, Off-Broadway, Broadway, etc.
  • Learn directorial techniques/exercises
  • Learn about career paths inside (and outside) the arts
  • Strengthen public speaking skills
  • Learn time management skills
  • Learn how to lead a team
  • Learn techiniques how to manifest/articulate your artistic visions

Classes will be held: October 21, 2020 – April 28, 2021
All Classes meet on WEDNESDAYS from 4-6pm


  • New Visions/New Voices is automatically open to all high school students across the five boroughs of New York City.
    Students outside of the area should email before applying. 
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020-2021 course will meet digitally. Participation will require a computer, webcam, and the internet.
  • Once offered a spot in NEW VISIONS/NEW VOICES, students will have to provide signed approval from their parent/guardian to participate.¬† Students must be able to commit to attending the entire session listed on the calendar below:

How to Apply

  • Applications are not currently open. Please check back to apply in future.
  • If you have any questions, please email
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Thank you to EY for their key support for this program.