Residency Reading: Chava the Giant and the Oldest Bird

Chava the Giant and the Oldest Bird
Written and Directed by Ran Xia,  Beatrice Terry Director In Residence
presented as part of the 2022 Global Forms Theater Festival at Rattlestick Theater

Chava the Giant and the Oldest Bird is a love letter to New York City: spanning a century and following four characters with mythological qualities. They are a Jewish golem girl who grows alongside the city and ultimately becomes one with it; the half-Jinni woman who disguises herself to escape memories of her past, and prejudice in the present; a Chinese woman who believes herself to be the reincarnated Bai Suzhen, a snake goddess who fell in love with humanity; and Bird, who only seems to linger ever so briefly every year. Reflecting the immigrant experience in the multiplicity that is New York, it blends myth and magic to glimpse a city that we only think we know.

The Global Forms Theater Festival focuses on works by immigrant artists, a historically marginalized group. Since its inception, it has featured over 100 artists from 34 countries.

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