Reservation and usage policies

Stewart F. Lane and Bonnie Comley Studio Lab

(V.1 - June 2018)

Thank you for joining the thousands of artists, theatre lovers, and industry professionals who are the core of The Drama League and its programs at the Drama League Theater Center. We're happy you've chosen our space, which was designed with you and your creative work in mind!

The Drama League Theater Center prides itself on creating a welcoming, professional, creative, and fulfilling environment for your work. In order to keep The Lane/Comley Lab an unparalleled space for artists and audiences, we ask you to abide by the following policies and join us in maintaining a superb environment.

RENTAL RATES: Rental rates will be relayed to you at the time of reservation booking. Please speak to the Studio Lab Manager (studiolab@dramaleague.org) if you have questions or concerns. Rental rates are subject to change.

RESERVATIONS PROCESS: With a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card, reservations may be made by telephone (212-244-9494), e-mail (studiolab@dramaleague.org), or in person at the Theater Center. Please inquire about checks.

CANCELLATION POLICY: At time of booking 50% of total is due, this is nonrefundable. The rest of the total will be charged three days before your booking. (e.g. Monday if your booking is on Thursday). If you would like to cancel or amend your booking you have to contact the Studio Lab Manager before this time.

CAPACITY: According to the New York's Department of Buildings, the maximum capacity in the Lane/Comley Studio Lab is 60 occupants.. Violation of this will result in a $250 fee. It will be at the Studio Lab Manager’s discretion to assert this fee.

TRASH/RECYCLING POLICY: All trash must be properly sorted in the labeled receptacle(s) found in the kitchen area. Black receptacle for all soiled garbage. Blue receptacle for all cleaned plastic and glass (feel free to use the cleaning supplies provided in the space). Green for all unsoiled (from food waste) paper products. Please refer to the recycling visual guide attached. Please pass along this information to your attendees, or be prepared to sort your own trash yourself at the end of your rental. The Studio Lab Manager at the start of the rental will walk you through the space making sure there is no trash left behind from prior rentals. The Studio Lab Manager will also check after all rentals to make sure the renter has adhered to the trash/recycling policy. If found in violation of the policy you will be charged a $100 fee. It will be at the Studio Lab Manager’s discretion to assert this fee.

LOST AND FOUND: We are not responsible for any item or materials left the Theater Center. We do not have space for a lost and found. So items left in the space will be discarded at end of work day. The Drama League bears no responsibility for lost or stolen items during your time in our Theater Center.

PROHIBITED: We do not permit open flame, pyrotechnics, painting, glitter, construction, or large set pieces. Smoking is not allowed inside any part of 32 Avenue of the Americas, and loitering is not allowed in the main lobby of the building.

RESPECT THE SPACE: Help us keep the Studio Lab beautiful and clean. Please refrain from any activities that could potentially damage the floor, walls or equipment - including dragging furniture or attaching anything to the walls. Please only use removable painters tape when marking the floor (not spike tape!). Please advise your artists to wear soft-soled shoes when in the space. The Drama League has right to charge you for anything broken during your rental. Drama League staff are here to assist and support you, but not to clean up after you.

RESPECT GUESTS: With so many people coming and going, everyone wants to squeeze in every minute they can. We respect your time, and ask that you do the same for those using the space before and after you. Please allow at least five 2 minutes at the end of your reserved time, to break down equipment and gather your personal belongings, so you can exit the space on time. Failure to exit at your scheduled time will result in billing of an additional hour at $20/hour.

VOLUME: Like everyone else in New York City, we've got neighbors. Please help us stay in their good graces by keeping the volume of your event to a moderate level. If you plan to use music (recorded or live, with or without amplification), please tell the Lab Manager at the time of booking.

SUPERVISION OF GUESTS: All guest under 18 years of age must be accompanied at all times with an adult. Animals are not permitted in the space. Service animals are permitted but you need to inform us at booking.

ASSISTANT LAB MANAGER ON DUTY: The Studio Lab Manager is here to help you get the most out of your time with us. You must follow their directives at all times. In case something goes awry, they have the right to terminate your event before its scheduled end, at their discretion. Please note we reserve the right to cancel all future bookings and not invite back in the future unruly or disruptive groups, people, or events.

INJURY/ACCIDENT RELEASE: By signing this document, the undersigned person/company representative understands that use of The Drama League Theater Center may expose participants in your event(s) to activities and equipment which can cause accidents and injuries. The undersigned does hereby release, waive, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless The Drama League, its directors, officers, employees and agents, from and against any claim for damage, injury, loss or death by the undersigned or from participants in their event(s), and has informed the participants that the undersigned is solely and exclusively responsible for any damage, injury, loss or death while on the premises of the Drama League Theater Center.

EMERGENCY HEALTH CARE: The undersigned person/company representative hereby authorizes Drama League Theater Center employees to perform any acts which may be necessary or proper to provide emergency health care to any participant, including consent to and authorization of medical procedures by physicians, dentists, hospital or other emergency medical personnel, as they, in the exercise of their sole discretion, may deem necessary. The undersigned understands that (s) he is responsible for all costs and expense of such medical treatment.

SPREAD THE WORD: It is the undersigned person/company representative duty to insure that all participants in your/their event are aware of these policies, as you will be held responsible for them. Also, while you’re here, feel free to check-in on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to spread the love.
Thank you for your consideration and courtesy. Enjoy your stay at the Drama League Theater Center!
I have read the entirety of the Drama League Theater Center Reservation and Usage Policies, and understand them fully. I agree to abide by all of its stipulations singularly and collectively for any and all reservations I may make. I take responsibility for all violations, either by myself or my event participants, of the Reservation Policies, including fees, penalties, and property damage that may occur during my rental period(s). I certify that I have full authority to sign this release and authorization.

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