COVID-19 Survey for Directors



Click here to see the survey results of the first 30 days of the pandemic: Phase One Report


Since the earliest days of the outbreak of COVID-19, The Drama League has been working to set up new avenues of financial support to meet the needs of stage directors who have suffered financial loss and impact in the wake of the pandemic.

In order for government agencies, grantmakers, and service providers to answer these needs, we must track them in real-time.  Anecdotally, we know hundreds of productions have been canceled, and projects in development have suffered insurmountable blows...putting the basic living necessities of directors in jeopardy. What the field lacks is hard data...information to help advocate for, and acquire, the resources directors need.

That is why we’ve created the Stage Directors COVID-19 Impact Survey, to gather real-time data on lost wages, vanished opportunities, and other impacts the directors are suffering. These data will be shared with support services to find solutions to the devastation artists are experiencing.

Here's how you can help:

IF YOU ARE A STAGE DIRECTOR, please take five minutes and fill out the survey below -- EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T EXPERIENCED DIRECT IMPACT. Your personal information will not be shared, and data will only be used to track regional and national impact. We'd like to know your story!


Direct Link: https://forms.gle/PkEZdUovDmFJtx9d8

IF YOU ARE NOT A STAGE DIRECTOR, we hope you will consider supporting directors in other ways. The Drama League’s Ghost Light Campaign funds the programs of support we offer...our Fellowships and Residencies, as well as brand-new financial support to help stage directors working temporarily in video formats. Additionally, 25% of all donations will go directly to the new Directors Emergency Relief Fund, a new initiative to provide rapid emergency grants to stage directors suffering financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We know there are many financial needs at the moment, so we understand if you can't donate at this time. There is no need to donate to participate in the survey.  If you're interested, however, you can make a donation of any amount HERE.

TO EVERYONE: This data project's success depends upon reaching as many directors as possible.  Please share the survey link with everyone in your circle who is a stage director. Additionally, you can share it in your social media to extend its reach!

COVID-19 Directors Impact Survey

We'd like to know your story!  If you have questions regarding the Survey, please email us here.