Beatrice Terry Residency

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The BEATRICE TERRY RESIDENCY is designed exclusively for womxn-identified artists who both write AND direct their own work.* It is not intended for a director who would like to write a first play, or for a writer who has never or rarely directed...but rather, someone who identifies a place in both disciplines professionally and consistently. It is named for the acclaimed director-writer Beatrice Terry, whose career on and off-Broadway epitomized the duality at the core of this residency.


*This residency is named for Beatrice Terry, a female writer-director who pioneered her own approach to theatrical creation, as a writer and director of her own work in a cis male-dominated field. As such, this residency is only open to womxn, which includes cisgender, transwomen and feminine-identifying genderqueer and non-binary individuals. We ask that you interrogate and respect the goals of this residency and only apply if you have experienced this specific kind of gender-based adversity.



  • REHEARSAL SPACE    up to a maximum 29 hours of rehearsal in the Stewart F. Lane/Bonnie Comley Studio Lab at The Drama League Theater Center in Tribeca.
  • RESIDENCY STIPEND    A stipend for the developmental expenses of the residency will be awarded.
    (Amounts, which are determined based on the needs of the project proposal, have ranged in previous years between $3,500 and $10,000.  Applicants will be notified of the amount of the stipend before committing to the residency.)
  • PROFESSIONAL MENTORSHIP    The artist will receive periodic mentorship from Drama League staff.
  • WORK-IN-PROGRESS SHOWING    The work will receive an in-progress showing at the Drama League Theater Center in Tribeca.