Monthly Digital Auction


The Drama League’s 2020-2021 Auction will consist of 8 consecutive monthly digital auctions throughout the year.

Bidding begins on the 15th of each month at 12:00pm EST and ends on the 15th of each month at 11:59am EST.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the times we are living in and the quickly changing government mandates, packages must be scheduled within 30 days immediately following the auction close to ensure redeemability.

See the bottom of this page for additional Terms & Conditions.


Check back on the 15th of each month to see new items & experiences as well as our winners!




Why bid? 

Directors are leaders of the theater: they will lead artists back to stages and audiences back into seats. By supporting directors, you are supporting the reopening of Broadway, of Theater, and of NYC. All auction proceeds directly support these efforts in alignment with The Drama League’s mission. Your donation will help create virtual programming for the directors, artists, members, audiences, students, and community we serve, keep our staff & directors employed, and most importantly keep The Drama League OPEN even if our doors temporarily exist on the interweb.

Package tiers were designed to offer a solution for families and friends by providing activities & experiences to look forward to, as well as offer a way to celebrate life milestones & achievements during the pandemic. If feeling extra charitable, we encourage you to continue to spread gratitude by passing forward your winning package to an individual who has inspired and assisted you or your community.



  No Drama, Socially Distanced Day-cations

Tier One: Minimum Bid $250

Want to spend a day out on the town with your family or have a date night, but don’t want to put in the effort of figuring out what is open and where to go? Let The Drama League go the distance for you! Packages will include a full multi-hour itinerary for a day/night out, with certificates for activities, tours, sightseeing, restaurants, bars, and more!


September’s Selections:



The Bootscrape’s Greenwich Village Literary Pub Crawl

Get lit with The Bootscrape, NYC’s original literary tour company, as they craft an exclusive personalized private tour experience in Greenwich Village for you. Start your day off with a one hour long private live Zoom tour & presentation, discussing the history of three notable literary bars. Walk down to the Village and begin your custom made 2 part self-guided walking tour, including a guide map & audio recordings that can be downloaded on all of your devices. Part 1 will end with a gratis round of drinks at an outdoor socially distanced bar in the Village en route. After enjoying rest & libations, enjoy the last leg of the tour and finish Part 2 with a certificate from an eatery that will be open & safely serving the month of your scheduled day-cation.

Tours can be customized to focus on specific eras, writing genres, or authors. Auction winner will have the option to attend the traditional tour written for adults, or instead choose the child-friendly version fit for the whole family.

About Bootscrape Entertainment:

Over 22 years and still crawling! Literary Pub Crawl‘s in-depth knowledge and underground cult status has brought passion for history, literature, and drinking to the Village since 1998. Their Greenwich Village tour is the oldest continuously operating walking tour in the Village. A young theater company, The New Ensemble, was looking to raise money for their inaugural production of Romeo and Juliet. Regular “company meetings” would be held at the White Horse Tavern, Chumley’s, and the old Cedar Tavern among others. Quickly the idea came about to hold regular readings of these writer's works. Picking up cues from the 1960’s village Beats, where you could “Rent a Beatnik” or go on Beat tours of the village, The New Ensemble held several roving readings at their favorite pubs. Since that time numerous walking tours and pub crawls have emerged, but when you hear the stories and the research, along with recitations of the writers work, it becomes clear why Literary Pub Crawl is ranked as one of the best tours in the city. They’ve worked hard to not only keep this history alive, but to revive and inspire the spirit of the Village and the writers who helped shaped this nation and the world. Find out about virtual tours and their monthly Bootscrape Book Babble here.





A League of Their Own: Virtual Class Series

Tier Two: Minimum Bid $500

Seeking advice on how to boost your career to the next level and want tips & tricks from the uber successful? This series is designed to be so much more than a Meet & Greet, providing you with exclusive access to top professionals from a range of industries who you would not normally be able to meet. Cut to the top of the line of their waitlist and get educated with The Drama League!


September’s Selections:



Understanding your Stars: 

Personalized Consultation on Self Care with Constance Stellas

A 30-minute private one-on-one Zoom Class with internationally best-selling author (Little Book of Self Care Series, How to be an Astrologer) and NYC based astrologer Constance Stellas + Signed Copy of The Astrological Guide to Self Care Book Bind-up of all 12 Zodiac Signs

The winner will provide their birth month/date/year, exact time of birth, and birth location for an astrological assessment & recommendation of best self care practices.

About Constance:

Constance Stellas is an astrologer of Greek heritage with over twenty-five years of experience. She primarily practices in New York City and counsels a variety of clients, including business CEOs, artists, and scholars. She has been interviewed by The New York Times, Marie Claire, and Working Woman, appeared on several New York TV morning shows & live on New Years Eve in Times Square, and is a frequent guest on national radio programs such as Sirius XM’s Stars Broadminded & The Jenny McCarthy Show. Constance is the astrologer for Huffington Post and a regular contributor to Thrive Global. She is also the author of several titles including her newest book How To Be An Astrologer, along with The Little Book of Self Care Series, The Hidden Power of Everyday Things, The Astrology Gift Guide, Advanced Astrology for Life, The Everything Sex Signs Book, and the graphic novel series, Tree of Keys.  Learn more about Constance at her website, ConstanceStellas.com, or on Twitter (@StellaStarGuide).





Our Gift to You Packages

Enjoy themed curated gift packages that will be hand delivered to your trunk (or your Uber’s trunk) by our very own Executive Director Bevin Ross (wearing a mask, of course)!


September's Selections:



Back-to-school for Caregivers!

Minimum Bid $500

Feeling a little stressed? Suddenly teaching Mandarin or math? Need to take a load off before cutting crusts for lunches while working from home? Treat yourself to relaxation & rejuvenation while supporting the revitalization of NYC and the return to Theater! Or, gift to your favorite caregiver, childcare provider, school employee or teacher!

Gifts include:

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, 700 Series, Triple Black

Ellia Essential Oils Gather Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser with three Essential Oils

Polo Ralph Lauren White Cotton Robe Size (S/M)

iHome Meditative Light & Sound Therapy Himalayan Salt Lamp Speaker




Special Thanks to our generous In-Kind Auction Donors:

Constance Stellas

Adams Media (Simon & Schuster)

Bootscrape Entertainment



By placing a bid in our digital auction, you are agreeing to the following:

  • All bids are final and binding. No refunds will be awarded. 

  • Winners must schedule packages on their own with the contacts provided by The Drama League. 

  • Packages must be scheduled and redeemed within the 30 days immediately following the close of the auction, due to the quick-paced and changing nature of mandates surrounding the pandemic. If you are unable or unavailable within that time period, do not bid and wait for a future month where you can guarantee your availability. If you do not redeem your package within the 30 days immediately following the close of the auction, you are waiving all rights to redeeming said package. Special cases may be awarded at the discretion of The Drama League Staff on a case-by-case basis.

  • Packages may be subject to change per unforeseen COVID-related governmental mandates, the discretion of the venue/donor, or unexpected closures. In the worst case, all winners will receive an experience/item at the same market value in lieu of. 

  • The Drama League is not responsible for your understanding of local, state, or federal mandates & laws, nor is responsible for your compliance with said mandates & laws. By participating in any experience won, you are doing so at your own risk. The Drama League is not responsible for your compliance or understanding of health suggestions, and is not responsible for any related assumed risk, complications, or outcomes pertaining to your health & wellness. 


If you have questions about our auction or

would like to donate an In-Kind item/experience and/or your time, please reach out to:


Danielle Brockmann

Special Events & Corporate Sponsorship Manager