I have no words. My voice is in my sword

October 17, 2014 / by Lavina Jadhwani, Classical Directing Fellow


On Wednesday October 8th, 200 students from the ten high schools participating in Shakespeare & Company's Fall Festival gathered at Monument Mountain Regional High School in Great Barrington. We spent two all-too-fleeting hours learning various rolls, leaps, punches, and finally an S&Co signature move -  air broadswords. 
The video below is the final fight the group choreographed (in a mere 20 minutes) using said air broadswords. The text is from Act 5, Scene 8 of Macbeth
Macduff: Turn, hell-hound, turn. 
Macbeth: Of all men else, I have avoided thee. But get thee back. 
Macduff: I have no words. My voice is in my sword.