Press / Media

General Rules on Accrediting Journalists

for The Drama League Events:


Journalists requiring access to information about our events require accreditation. This accreditation is granted solely for the purpose of enabling journalistic coverage. Media accreditation enables journalists to register for The Drama League events. It is awarded on a per event basis. Media requesting registration for an event have the opportunity to apply. Links for requesting media registration and accreditation are provided on event homepages. Journalists should however note that not all events are open to the media. Furthermore only journalists and named members of editorial teams are eligible to receive press accreditation. Non-journalistic staff members (i.e. members of management, assistants, advertising dept. employees, etc.) do not qualify as journalists and will not receive press accreditation. There is no entitlement to accreditation and The Drama League reserves the right to reject, refuse, or revoke accreditation at any time, on a case-by-case basis. The final decision on all applications for media accreditation rests with The Drama League.

The following are eligible to apply for media accreditation:

  1. Holders of a valid press card/work pass from a non-industry affiliated press association or from a specialist journalists’ association (less than one year old).
  2. People with journalistic (or photojournalistic) activities such as:
    1. Print media representatives
    2. Radio and TV media representatives
    3. Photographers
    4. A member of or contributor to the permanent editorial staff
    5. A person who works for student publications
    6. Freelance Journalists
    7. Online Media and Blogger Journalists


To apply for Media Accrediation for an event, please check the specific event page for application information. Applications will only be accepted between a specific date range. If application submittal windows are currently open, the respective event page link will be listed below.

•    DL Awards: Accreditation opens from March 9 - April 30, 2020. Click here to apply.